Project Description

Leaveone was created to give the freedom to users to freely post what they feel, whenever they’d like. No worrying about comments, reactions, or feedback from unwanted users. All your memories are organized and stored in one place, putting you in control of your own social media world.

– Create personal timeline feeds, only visible to friends within the feed. Meaning you can be yourself with your real friends, and your censored self with co-workers, get it?

– To join a feed, all friends must be mutual with one another. Let’s break this down- if Adam is friends with Sandy, and Sandy is friends with Dan, then everyone is welcome right? Wrong. Dan once poured mustard all over Adam’s fries without asking, therefore resulting in a lifetime grudge and loss of friendship. The result of this is Dan, the mustard pourer, not being welcome in Sandy and Adams timeline, rightfully so. Understand? Good, moving on.

– Each post has its own dedicated chat conversation, resulting in less confusion and an easy-to-follow user interface. When the timeline gets busy, because you have SO many friends, it will be easy to catch up by checking the individual posts as opposed to scrolling through 263 chat messages and 37 photos only to ignore every last one. Leaveone is here to make you actually like your friends, or at least try.

Leaveone. Welcome to your own social media world.